The Sterilization Validation Webinar Part 1

Validating a sterilization process causing you stress?

Understand the challenges and benefits of the different options for validating a sterilization process. In part 1, we will review standard definitions, regulatory requirements, and cycle development activities.

Kurt McCauley

Meet the Presenter

Kurt McCauley

Product and Applications Engineer - Sterilization and Disinfection Control

Kurt McCauley has a B.S. in Microbiology and is a Product & Application Engineer in the Sterilization and Disinfection Control Division of Mesa Laboratories. He began work at Mesa in 1995 and has been involved with all aspects of biological indictor production and development. Mr. McCauley currently serves as Co-chair for AAMI Working Group 91 (Resistometers) and is an active member of both AAMI/ ISO Working Groups 4 (biological indicators) and 6 (chemical indicators).