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Webinar - Incoming Testing: Identification & Purity

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Presented in French

Take Charge of Your Quality Control for Incoming Biological Indicators

Total viable spore count testing, purity, identification, and resistance verification are common in-coming inspection tests for biological indicators (BI) that an end-user can use to ensure the quality of the product they are receiving. 

Watch the webinar covering identification & purity. In this 30-minute webinar, we will cover:

  • Different Approaches to Microbial Identification
  • Mesa Labs Procedures for Identification and Purity
  • Sub-Culturing a Positive Biological Indicator for Identification 

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Please be advised that this webinar is presented in French. 


Meet the Speaker

Laurent Berliet
Technical Sales Representative | Mesa Labs France | Sterilization and Disinfection Control

Laurent began working in 2010 as Technical Sales Rep in Amilabo which became Mesa Labs France. He is supporting and training Pharma and Biotech companies to find consistent solutions to validate sterilization and decontamination processes. Laurent holds a Biology and Geology Licence from university of Lyon, France.