Liquid self-contained biological indicators:

Sterilize small and heat sensitive pharmaceutical products with ease.

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Liquid self-contained biological indicators reduce the risk of human error, false positives, and undetected equipment failure in your pharmaceutical processes.


  • Mesa SCBIs provide easy selection for validated cycles by supplying F0 value on each Certificate of Analysis.
  • These ampoules eliminate off-label biological indicator use, which is associated with inconsistent results.
  • Mesa’s products are certified to ISO 13485 quality system.

Get the tech report now to read more on how our SCBIs comply with USP 55.

More on Self-Contained Biological Indicators

Our glass SCBI ampoules act as surrogate containers that simulate your pharmaceutical product.
Our liquid SCBIs are appropriate for both validation and routine monitoring of pharmaceutical products and injectables.
The glass ampoules are easily retrievable with no post processing manipulation, providing faster results with a reduced incubation time.

Laboratory Services and Contract Studies

Mesa offers Laboratory Services and Contract Studies to help you identify the appropriate BI and resistance for your application.

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