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3 Advantages to Using a Process Challenge Device® for Terminal Sterilization of Medical Devices

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Process Challenge Devices (PCD®) from Mesa Labs are externally placed on pallets to assure terminal sterilization of medical devices. PCDs have defined resistance values that match internal sterilization challenges.

  • Our PCDs have unique, patented packaging of self-contained B. atrophaeus biological indicators, which have reduced incubation times that allow for quicker release.
  • You can use PCDs for both validation and routine monitoring of Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycles.
  • PCDs have consistent and certified resistance to ISO 13485 quality systems for medical devices

Download our guide on Choosing a PCD Configuration for Your Cycle.



More On the Benefits of PCDs

Our PCDs offer a broad range of available resistance levels and biological indicator (BI) types to meet endless cycle configurations.

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The PCD Selection Set offers 4 of the most common configurations in one kit to determine appropriate resistance level for your cycle.

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We save incubation time with a variety of BIs to match your process! With as little as 4-hours of incubation time.

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