Exclusive FreshLoc Customer Upgrade

ViewPoint Cloud®

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Why Upgrade to ViewPoint Cloud?

Cutting-edge Data Visualizations and Reporting

  • VPC is capable of storing thousands of users and sensors with ease. 
  • Report on min/max values, sensor status, sensor summary, MKT reports and more.
Customizable to Your Business
  • VPC is customizable, giving you the ability to customize dashboard widgets and set-up interactive floor plans.
  • Feel secure as you set-up a dayshift, and even a nightshift, so your sensors are never out sight.  
Compliant Data Management
  • Stay in the know as you smoothly access audit trails, archived data, historical data, and more.
  • You'll feel confident knowing your sensor summaries and alarm statuses are within reach. 

Your answer to monitoring stability.

We want to assure you that this transition from FreshLoc to VPC will be seamless. Our number one goal is better monitoring stability.


Preview the ViewPoint Cloud System

Mesa Labs is excited to announce this opportunity to our FreshLoc customers and  help guarantee temperature stability.

- Andrew Kuzeman, VP and GM of Product Management - Continuous Monitoring and Instruments